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The student is required to have the following supplies, which must be brought to class each day:

2.Book cover
3.One 1 ½”-2” ringed loose-leaf notebook
4.Three dividers
(labeled Warm Ups, Notes, Assignments)
5.Loose-leaf notebook paper
6.Graph paper
  1. Two pencils, at a minimum
Mechanical pencils are recommended.
(Pencils cannot be sharpened during instructional time. Work done in ink will not receive full credit.)

8.Red pen for grading
10.Ruler/Straight Edge
13.Scientific calculator
(TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator preferred)
– for home use – I have a class set.
14.Green orientation sheet (given on first day)


Welcome to my class! - This page will update weekly and keep you informed of the most important information you will need to know about my class. Please be aware that these are tentative plans and could be changed.
  • Please see the list of school supplies that you will need each day in order to be successful in my class.
  • Please find the folder below that allows you to print notes prior to each chapter.
  • Please find the folder below that allows you to view weekly lesson plans and assignments.
  • For more information, please refer to my orientation sheet for the class which provides details about the course.
  • If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me through email and I will respond within 24 hours.
  • I look forward to teaching you (or your child) this year!
Textbook Online
You may use this site to access your online textbook.
login ID: lcaswell13
​password: b2r2p
Make Up
Make up quizzes and tests are to be taken in rm. 304 on Tuesday after school.
Please expect and make arrangements to stay after school to make up the assessment on the immediate Tuesday that follows your return (unless you were absent multiple days.)
Need extra help?
There is always FREE MATH TUTORING
every Tuesday
in room 111
from 3:45 - 4:30.

HW EXTRA CREDIT for each Nine Weeks - I will give ONE free 100 homework grade for anyone who would like to donate any supplies to the class for everyone to use and share. For example, it would be greatly appreciated if you wanted to donate tissue, paper towels, glass cleaner, board cleaner, a small pack of pencils (mechanical or regular), a small pack of erasers, small pencil sharpener, AA or AAA batteries, Expo dry erase markers (any color/any amount), Germ-Ex, Fishing line (for projects), etc. Anything related to the classroom will be accepted and appreciated no matter the cost. However, no matter how many items you would like to donate, I can only give one grade per student each nine weeks. Thank you in advance for your generosity!
 Class Notes
Each chapter needs to be printed out before that chapter begins and brought to class.
 Exam Review Sheets
This exam will cover chapters 5 - 12
 Geometry H lesson plans
This is where you will find my weekly lesson plans which has all the objectives, assignments, and testing information. These are tentative plans.
 Geometry H Orientation Sheet 81115.doc
This has my set of rules, expectations and syllabus. You will be held accountable for everything on the orientation sheet. Please keep a copy in your notebook at all times.
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